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A3 Partner Network


The A3 Partner Network is designed to expand the solution possibilities for members and the customers we serve.  Members benefit from the NearCOTS solution approach and the added value it brings when a customer needs a more complete solution than a single product or service offers.  Customers benefit from the collective ways network members can contribute to a solution and help them solve their problems.  

Members enrich the network with new opportunities, sales engagement, product and service offerings, subject matter expertise, experience, and a host of other contributions.  Authorized partners are eligible for a range of benefits from A3 to include sales support, technical guidance, solution design, and deal registration to recognize and reward the investment made in creating and closing sales.

Members are encouraged to leverage the network to expand their opportunities.  Early engagement is important to garner the sales, engineering and pricing support needed to be more competitive.  Deal registration initiates network engagement and ensures that roles and contributions are recognized and rewarded appropriately.  

Becoming a partner is easy, simply complete this form and we’ll contact you to finalize the registration.

Partner Application

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All authorized A3 Partner Network members are eligible for deal registration. If you are not currently enrolled, please complete the application form.

If you are an authorized member, complete the following deal registration request to initiate the approval process and we’ll contact you to finalize it.


  1. Eligibility — must be a current, authorized A3 Solution Network member.

  2. Eligible Opportunities — any opportunity the member believes will benefit from the capabilities and services of the A3 Solution Network.  

  3. Timing — registrations must be submitted prior to formal RFQ/RFP release. 

  4. Status — notice of approval or rejection within 24 hours via email.  Final approval may take longer if additional information is required.

  5. Period — registrations are valid for 6 months after approval date.  Extensions may be granted at A3’s discretion.

  6. Commitment — member acknowledges a commitment to work exclusively with A3 as long as the deal is registered.

  7. Cancellation — A3 reserves the right to cancel deal registrations based on our sole discretion for reasonable cause. 

  8. Single Opportunity Restriction — member benefits shall apply only to the opportunity described in the submitted and approved deal registration. 


For questions regarding deal registration, please contact us at:

Deal Registration Request

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